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Located on an acre of land 60 miles north of Los Angeles in the sleepy town of Littlerock CA you'll find Kulture Shoq Studios. A place where musicians and artists alike can get away.

P.O. Box 1079

Littlerock, CA 93543

661.944.2299 or 800.880.6567



KultureShoq Studios Open 8:00am - 11:00pm 7 days a week.

(2) Rooms

Rehearsal Time $ 30.00 per hr.
Digital Recording $ 50.00 per hr.

Introductory Offer Rehearsal Time $ 25.00 per hr.

Digital Recording $ 45.00 per hr.



Complete with Sound, Drum Kit and Extras.

Free Coffee, Phone and Internet Connection.  
(2) Rest Rooms, Shower, Kitchen Privileges included with hourly rate.

Over Night Accommodations Available.

Relaxed Environment.


Discounted rates for Teachers for Music Instruction and or multiple bookings.


Control room 24 x 8 x 24 Track Digital Recording


On Site Instrument Repair Services Available.  
Sound and Lighting Systems for Rent with or without Operators.  





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